The Paramount Business and Law Degree Online – William Howard Taft University

Many young professionals looking to advance in their career often find themselves asking the same question – is it worth it to get a business or law degree? This article will discuss a way to get your business or law degree quickly and easily – by getting a business and law degree online.

William Howard Taft University has offered students business and law degrees online for more than 20 years now. Students who choose to take up business or law have the advantage of selecting from a variety of tracks to help them expand their knowledge even further.

In William Howard Taft University, you can mix and match your education to how you see fit. For example, some students may choose to get a Juris Doctor degree while taking the Attorney track or Executive track. Alternately, students who want to be come accountants with an exposure to law may opt to take a Master of Laws in Taxation.

However, the most sought after degree in William Howard Taft is its business and law degree online. People who are considering getting an MBA usually choose to take this course. There are three types of MBA offered. You may choose to focus on entrepreneurship and small business, health care administration, or professional practice management.

Sometimes, students choose not to even go for an MBA. There are many business related degrees offered under the MS category. For example, students who want to delve into more technical course work can choose to take an MS in Taxation.

Furthermore, students who take online courses are offered opportunities to earn some extra pocket money. Many students serve as tax preparers during their free time and get paid for it. Other students, however, spend their time preparing themselves to become more marketable in the job market.

Getting a business and law degree online at Howard Taft can open doors to some new opportunities. For instance, privacy law is a popular and emerging field today. Many students who enroll for business or law degrees discover this new field.

A final advantage with getting a business and law degree online at Howard Taft is that many students are given the chance to gain some experience and recognition while they are working towards their degree. The National Moot Court Competition is an event in which students may compete against each other and test their academic abilities. Participation and success in these competitions can earn you valuable recognition in your future academic fields.

All About a Marketing Plan for Real Estate

Coming up with a marketing plan for real estate properties is no doubt, the most important process you need to do. Without an effective marketing plan, you can never sell a home which means your real estate business can go down. To help you understand what a marketing plan is, this article is made to guide you.

Before you can come up with a plan, you must first be able to come up with a business plan because it is the foundation of your marketing plan if you fail to come up with a business plan. What you have for your business is usually vague missions and goals and it says that you have a little understanding of what you are up to. In this case, how are you going to improve your real estate business?

Importance of this plan

Nearly 90% of people who are searching for anything related to real estate rely on the internet. This alone gives you something that you can put into your marketing plan. That is using the internet to expose your business to a larger audience. What you have to do is to implement an effective online real estate marketing plan that generates more volumes of qualified leads on a consistent basis.

The next part of this article is the 4 steps to make a marketing plan, but before I go there, I’d like to give you a tip when writing your own plan. And that tip is to write your plan and re-write it many times until you have a clear, concise document that truly represents your business. This process is time-consuming, but I assure you in the end, it will be all worth it!

4 steps:

1. Market analysis. These are various pieces that need to be considered as you are researching which market to focus on or simply what we called the process of identifying your niche.

- This step requires you to inspect the home and identify the most important features and upgrades (if there’s any) of the home.

- Search for homes same with yours so that you can have an idea of how much your home is worth.

- Estimate the selling costs to determine your profit.

- Find a listing.

2. Marketing budget and strategies.

- You need to identify how much you will be willing to spend on your marketing so you will know what strategies you can afford. In doing this, be sure to be realistic. Knowing how much really you are willing to spend will help you identify and get the tools and tactics you can use.

3. The offers and delivers step

- After you have identified which market you will focus on, implement an online business place i.e. online listings. Some listing will provide your visitors with quality content and then provide them your contact information such as your email address and business website. This is also known as E-marketing plan.

4. Evaluation and control

- Evaluating your marketing plan’s success is no doubt needed. Evaluating it will let you be aware of what to do or not to do in your next marketing plan. This will help you identify if your strategies and tactics are effective.

7 Urgent Things To Do Before Writing Your Marketing Plan

Have you ever wondered how to streamline creating a marketing plan?

Can I show you 7 simple questions to ask to help speed up creating your next marketing plan?

The first question to ask is, “Do I really need a marketing plan.”

You may not. If everything you are doing to bring in all the business you want, don’t change a thing. Even if you or your staff are bored with it. Let it keep profiting until it stops profiting.

Next ask, “What do I want a marketing plan to do for me and my business.”

Many marketing plans are written as part of a business plan. Also, marketing plans are written when looking for new or more funding. Most marketing plans are created as a road map, a guide to the next 12-18 months of marketing campaigns

Now, “What is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?” Answer in a compelling way, why anyone would choose your products, services or ideas over all the other choices they have, including doing nothing.

Of course, you are making and “Irresistible Offer” every time you are in front of someone. Business and marketing are all about offers. You give me this and I’ll give you that. Keep in mind that without an offer, no business transpires. Think of the many times you have seen an advertisement or marketing message and couldn’t figure out what was being offered. Don’t make this critical mistake. State exactly what you will be offering in your marketing plan.

OK, “Where is your ideal future client or customer?” Not just anyone, but who is the ideal lead to generate for your products, services or ideas. Where can you find enough of your ideal future clients to be profitable? When you do find them, how much do you know about their hopes, aspirations, desires, fears, problems, etc? Take off your shoes and walk in your future clients shoes for a week and see, hear and feel what they see, hear and feel. Then and only then, will you know their real problems.

I’m sure you’ve decided on which, if any, of the many of the different “marketing media options you’ll want to test.” Options like direct response mailing campaigns, yellow page ads or email marketing. How about tele-marketing, newspaper display ads or Webinars? Networking, Social media marketing or pay-per-click marketing? We could go on and on and on, but you get the idea. Where are you going to spend your marketing budget

Finally, as long as you are going after new clients, “How are you capturing their personal information?” I don’t mean their shoe size, waist size or height (but you may need them depending on what you are selling). Are you asking for their name, email address and snail mail address? If not, how will you communicate with them in the future?

Now grab a piece of paper and start answering these questions.Doing so will focus your marketing plan and anyone reading it will know exactly the what, where, when, who and how you are planning to market your business.

OK, I admit it; there are more than 7 questions to answer. You should have seen the ones I edited out. I’ve saved them for another article in the near future, so keep checking back.